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Here s the problem Overbought and Oversold isn t even a real thing in Forex. It is in stocks. It is in gold. Those things have intrinsic value. Currency pairs do not. They can go as high or as low as the Big Banks want them to go, until a governmental body steps in, but that could take thousands of pips before that ever happens. So by the very definition of what it does, it s already flawed. Add in the fact that it was created in 1978, eighteen years before spot Forex was even open to the retail public, and you are now the proud owner of a defunct indicator that you re not even using for the right market.

It s broken, and it s not fixable. It cannot work for you. We could stop there. Most of you have never heard of anyone saying anything negative about the RSI. This should scare the hell out of you. As bad as this thing is, what else aren t they telling you. Over 99 of Forex traders either lose money, or never get to a point where they can trade for a living. And shit like this is the reason. You are stuck in an echo chamber where everyone in it is being way too supportive of things that don t work.

Did you know there are thousands of Forex trading indicators out there. That were actually MADE for the Forex market. And most of them were created THIS century. I still can t believe this. It s a hard sell to people who have been told one thing their entire trading career. So let s go argument-by-argument and try to get you to see this. 1 But I See This Indicator on Financial TV All The Time. It means nothing. CNBC and Bloomberg, and even lesser-watched channels like Fox Business and Cheddar will, when they even bother to show technical analysis, often show a chart with the RSI underneath it.

To you, this gives the RSI authority. These people are finance experts. They wear nice suits. They speak all smart. They are not Forex traders. These people don t make their money trading. They don t have to. They can show you whatever they want, and right or wrong it doesn t matter. If they were right, they can replay it and show you how right they were. If they were wrong, they can just move on to something else. And by the way, they are wrong all the time. But all of this is null and void anyway, because rarely will they ever make a prediction as to long or short based on a chart they show you.

It almost never happens. They are not technical traders. These news networks spend almost none of their time on charts and chart-reading. Things like this are of no real interest to viewers of financial networks. It takes too long to teach. It takes no time to simply broadcast news stories. Technical traders like us are actually a rarity.

As for people watching at home, if you ARE going to show them a chart, you need to dumb it down as much as possible to avoid confusing the viewer. There s nothing as dumb and simple as a trend line or an indicator like the RSI. And this does NOT give it credibility and it does NOT mean you should be using it too. This is iq option 3 stupid reasoning for using the RSI. 2 It s not just on TV, I see almost everyone using it. Does almost everyone win or lose at Forex trading. That s what I thought.

This is not stocks. You do NOT want to do what is popular. The popular group gets eaten by the Big Banks. The popular group forever ends up in the 99 of traders that will never be able to trade at a professional level. If you haven t figured this out by now and my readers already haveyou need to, at all costs, avoid the tools that put you on the popular side of the trade at the most popular areas of the chart.

It s the only way to put the odds in your favor. We don t have the luxury of knowing where the popular side actually is, but we sure can up our odds of avoiding them by not using the same things they use. And if you want to go completely against what I just said, then by all means, please go and use the most popular indicator in Forex.

3 The RSI Indicator Does Work In Range-Bound Markets. Unfortunately for us traders, we have to make our trades based on what s happening to the right of the current candle, not the left. 4 I ve had success trading with the RSI before. Define success. You won a few trades. Good, you re supposed to. If the RSI was never ever right, we would all be millionaires because all we would have to do is take the opposite side every time. Are you winning with it consistently.

Is it making your trading account, at the end of the year, a double-digit ROI. Didn t think so. And if for some bizarro reason it was, just know there are way better options for you to be using, and that number could be a lot higher than it is. You re using your heart instead of your head and you ll never make money that way.

Speaking of trading with your heart, I have a pretty good theory on why you re using the RSI right now. Cuz My Teacher Told Me So. When you learned Forex trading for the first time, it was a very exciting time I ll bet you. It certainly was for me. You learned how to read a chart, which before you found to be daunting and overwhelming, you then when on to find it incredibly exciting. The most exciting part about it was how you could use these really simple tools, and just by the simple act of placing them on your chart, you can now determine which way price was gong to go.

Problem was, we were mislead. What the instructor was sure to do, and what almost every Twitter Forex wonk loves to do too, and that was. They only showed you examples where the indicator tool worked perfectly. I understand they re supposed to get you fired up about trading, but I still think it s a dick move. It s a trick pyramid-scheme companies use to lure in unsuspecting prospects.

Only show them who s winning even if it s only a very small amount of people. Wanna hear a funny joke. A When it s too late. Q When do you find out you re in a range-bound market. VP does it again. Heehhhhhh Hehh Hehh snort. this fuckin guy. Haaaaaaah hah hah. Okay, seriously. Being able to trade within a range would be great if you know when a range was coming. What is a range you ask. It s that thing in the middle. Thanks to Forex. com for providing the above image.

And yes, I m sure it works just fine within a range, but my response is three-fold. Again, you can t predict when a range is coming Once you are finally able to recognize one, it s usually too late, and price is about to trend Once it trends, your little reversal trade is toast. It s a weak argument, and an argument that only works in hindsight.

And there s no reason for Forex educators to do this, because there s nothing in it for them. And the one of the indicators they get people excited about the most is the RSI. Because again, it s super easy to read and use. So you started using it, and you wanted to see if other traders out there were using it too. And they were. Were they ever. And now we re back to being popular again. And the Big Banks continued to eat our lunch. Are you starting to see how this works. There Is Good News However.

Did you know there are literally thousands of Forex trading indicators out there that are not only free, but a lot of them can do a much better job at predicting direction than the RSI. You didn t know that. Don t worry, the person who taught you Forex didn t know that either. The guy on Twitter who calls himself a pro trader didn t know it either. Almost nobody knows about this. Drives me nuts sometimes. There are so many alternatives, and even though we re going to go over a few in the future, you can still get out there and discover them for yourself and start finding indicators that work better for you.

What s even better is many of these indicators were made this century. And they were made for Forex trading. Take the RSI Indicator off of your chart forever. Your trading will improve. And seek out better alternatives. They are out there, and they are better. And don t let anyone tell you this horrible, outdated, faulty indicator is a viable way to trade. Get out of that popular circle, and into something that will make your account turn a real profit year after year.

And could you please stop following these people. They re hurting, not helping. For chrissakes, just do what I say instead. Best In The USA Best Broker For Non-US Residents 2nd Best Broker For Non-US Residents Best Options Broker. Video Playlists. Core Concepts Money Management Technical Analysis Forex Q A Podcast. Forex Core Concepts Technical Analysis Money Management Trading Psychology Forex Q A Podcast. It s okay though, because everything I have sent out to my list became a video, so you missed out on nothing.

There is no more email list. Copyright 2020 No Nonsense Forex All Rights Reserved Powered by Las Vegas WordPress. Стратегия, выбранная для торговли - это ключ к успеху. Стратегии Форекс. Помочь в достижении успеха в трейдинге Вам помогут лучшие стратегии форекс. В этом разделе представлены бесплатные стратегии, эффективность которых проверена миллионами трейдеров по всему миру.

Обращаем внимание, что скачать шаблоны, индикаторы и файлы рассмотренных систем Вы можете абсолютно бесплатно и без каких-либо регистраций. Мы уверены, что представленные торговые стратегии помогут Вам достичь успеха на рынке форекс. Простые решения для трейдинга прибыльная работа. В этом разделе Brokers. Ru регулярно публикуются новые системы, которые предназначены для различных условий развития ситуации на рынке форекс.

Мы тщательно проверяем все стратегии форекс для торговли. Благодаря подобному подходу Вашему вниманию представлены исключительно эффективные торговые системы, которые Вы можете смело использовать для успешного трейдинга. Чтобы скачать понравившиеся Вам стратегии для прибыльной работы на Forex, достаточно просто нажать на соответствующую ссылку. Действительно лучшие системы рынка Форекс. Вашему вниманию представлены как простые, так и сложные стратегии, которые предназначены для краткосрочного, среднесрочного и долгосрочного трейдинга на рынке форекс.

Следует отметить, что все представленные системы обладают детальным описанием. Если у Вас возникнут какие-либо вопросы по ним, то Вы всегда можете обратиться за помощью iq option 3 отзывчивым менеджерам форекс портала Brokers. Мы уверены, что с нашей помощью Вы обязательно сможете найти лучшие стратегии форекс, которые помогут Вам работать с максимальной прибылью. Форекс блог Начинающему трейдеру Основы Форекс Индикаторы Форекс Стратегии Форекс Психология Форекс Крупным инвесторам Инструменты Форекс Альтернатива трейдингу Всё о брокерах Стратегии по бинарным опционам Криптовалюта Блокчейн.

Самое читаемое. Торговля на рынке Forex должна быть систематизированной и продуманной до мельчайших деталей. Стратегия торговли на отложенных ордерах завоевала широкую популярность среди форекс трейдеров. Стратегия торговли на отложенных ордерах. Она обусловлена высокой эффективностью подобной тактики работы, которая позволяет снизить психологическое давление на участника рынка и открывать выгодные позиции в ситуациях, когда происходит резкое ценовое изменение.

При использовании этой стратегии доходность от трейдинга на Форекс может увеличиться в несколько. Ее могут использовать для повышения эффективности торговли как начинающие трейдеры, так и профессионалы. Как эффективно применять стратегию торговли на отложенных ордерах. Для того чтобы грамотно использовать эту стратегию в своей работе, необходимо определить цену, при которой произойдет срабатывание ордера, параметры ордеров стоп-лосс и тейк-профит и срок существования ордера.

Определение точек входа. Существует несколько вариантов iq option 3 поиска. Одним из способов является выявление базисных точек входа. Для этого трейдеру нужно определить важные ценовые минимумы и максимумы, достигнув которых, тренд, вероятнее всего, продолжит свое движение. Иногда имеет смысл выставить отложенные ордера с расчетом на то, что произойдет пробой линии поддержки или сопротивления. Также возможно использовать вариант выставления ордеров бай-лимит и селл-лимит.

Они выставляются с расчетом на то, что цена дойдет до определенной точки, при этом для бай-лимит цена будет ниже нынешней, а для селл-лимит выше, и развернется в сторону существующего тренда. Для отложенных ордеров бай-стоп расчет идет на то, что цена продолжит движение в бычьем тренде, соответственно цена станет выше. Для селл-стоп, наоборот, цена должна продолжить двигаться в медвежьем тренде и уменьшится еще больше в отношении уровня, на котором выставляется данный ордер.

Следующим вариантом является использование новостей. Трейдеру нужно узнать время выхода важного информационного сообщения и выставить ордер выше или ниже текущей цены. При подтверждении новости тренд продолжит свое движение, в противном случае произойдет его разворот. В любом случае произойдет срабатывание отложенного ордера. Установка ордера стоп-лосс.

Этот ордер выставляется в соответствии с торговой стратегией трейдера и мани-менеджментом. Установка тейк-профит. Его параметры зависят от амбиций трейдера и текущей рыночной ситуации на рынке Форекс по определенной валютной паре. Необходимо адекватно оценить размер возможной прибыли и вероятность разворота тренда. Срок существования ордера. Этот аспект использования описываемой торговой стратегии очень важен.

Чтобы отложенный ордер сработал по заданным трейдером параметрам, нужно определить срок его истечения. В противном случае, возможно срабатывание ордера не по торговой стратегии трейдера. Учитывая подобные нюансы, можно научиться эффективно использовать стратегию на отложенных ордерах, увеличив результативность Форекс трейдинга. Если цена какое-то время движется в ценовом канале, можно воспользоваться другим способом.

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Teknik forex 261. And of course, the truth is that the same effort used in trading 100 is the same effort used in trading 10,000, even though many sites claim you can start forex trading with as teknik forex 261 little as 100,mumbai tour, cheap teknik forex 261 hotels in Mumbai,things to teknik forex 261 be noted while selecting prepaid cards. Semi and closed looped cards in India have been included under Payments and Settlement Act by Reserve Bank of India. the NFP report teknik forex 261 is.

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It s time you turn your forex trading around. We ll turn you into a winner. What is CFD Contract for Difference Trading. Getting started Forex brokerage accounts. Candlestick Chart Patterns. Top 10 richest Iranians. Iran may be known mostly for its oil, but the richest Iranians have varied interests beyond the black gold. In fact, most of them have little to do with it, as you will see from this list of the top 10 richest Iranians.

Top of the list of richest Iranians is Asadollah Asgaroladi, with a net worth of 9 billion. Through his company, Hasas Co. Asadollah Asgaroladi.Asgaroladi made Iran the king of nutsthrough the export of nuts, dried fruits and pistachios. The company has been active since 1953, but the main increase in his wealth came in the 1990s. During the time, Iran had two parallel exchange rates for the dollar, Asgaroladi managed to purchase large quantities of the US dollar at the lesser exchange rate and reselling it for more than 300 in profits.

Today, Asgaroladi has other interests in banking, real estate and healthcare. Pierre Morad Omidyar. Although currently a US resident, Omidyar was born by Iranian parents. In 1995, he founded eBay, although at the time it was known as AuctionWeb. In 1995, eBay went public and Omidyar became a billionaire at 31 years of age. Now at age 50, Omidyar has a net worth of 9. Ghermezian family. From Iranian Jewish roots, the Ghermezian family moved to Canada and built their fortunes through the construction industry.

The family is well known for building some of the world s largest malls like the Mall of America in Bloomington. The patriarch of the family was Jacob Ghermezian, but now his four sons run an empire worth 4 billion. Farhad Moshiri. After being born in Iran in 1955, Moshiri and his family left in 1979 before the Iranian revolution.

His interests are primarily in steel and energy, where he has stakes in Russian and British companies in those industries. However, he also owns part of Everton football club after selling his shares in Arsenal FC. Now at age 62, Moshiri lives in Monaco and has a net worth of 2. Omid Kordestani. At the number 5 spot of the richest Iranians, Kordestani has worked for various tech companies including Netscape, Google and now Twitter as the Executive Chairman.

Hassan Khosrowshahi. Born in Iran, he came to the US while 14, and now at 53 he is worth 1. An Iranian-Canadian businessman, he has an estimated net worth of 1. Today he is primarily known for his Future Shop business which has over a hundred stores around Canada. Before this, he had founded Persis Holdings, which dealt in real estate, retail and pharmaceuticals. After moving to the US, the two brothers Paul and David Merage founded Chef America, which is known for creating Hot Pockets.

Chef America was then sold to Nestle for 2. 6 billion, and the brothers invested in capital markets through MIG Capital. Now the family has an estimated 1. Merage family. David Alliance. Aged 85, David Alliance is worth about 1. He has a 33 stake in N Brown group and a 22 stake in Coats plc as well as a valuable art collection and several private firms. 5 billion, a fortune he built from the apparel industry.

He was knighted in 1989 and also received a CBE from the Queen of England. After founding Bebe Stores, Manny Mashouf at 79 is worth 1. Bebe Stores announced they would be closing their land-based stores to focus on online retail, but Mashouf has other interests in film production too. Isaac Larian. Ending our list of the top 10 richest Iranians is Isaac Larian aged 63, with a net worth of about 1. He is the CEO of MGA Entertainment the biggest privately-owned toy company in the world.

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