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I hope they can make the distinction, that this is the first time I know of that we re trying a non-trust based system. Satoshi Nakamoto in an E-Mail to Dustin Trammell. After seeing all the centralized attempts fail, Satoshi tried to build a digital cash system without a central entity. Like a Peer-to-Peer network for file sharing. This decision became the birth of cryptocurrency. They are the missing piece Satoshi found to realize digital cash.

So, let s try to make it as easy as possible. To realize digital cash you need a payment network with accounts, balances, and transaction. The reason why is a bit technical and complex, but if you get it, you ll know more about cryptocurrencies than most people do. That s easy to understand. One major problem every payment network has to solve is to prevent the so-called double spending to prevent that one entity spends the same amount twice.

In a decentralized networkyou don t have this server. Usually, this is done by a central server who keeps record about the balances. So you need every single entity of the network to do this job. Every peer in the network needs to have a iq option bot with all transactions to check if future transactions are valid or an attempt to double spend. But how can these entities keep a consensus about these records.

If the peers of the network disagree about only one single, minor balance, everything is broken. They need an absolute consensus. Usually, you take, again, a central authority to declare the correct state of balances. But how can you achieve consensus without a central authority. Nobody did know until Satoshi emerged out of nowhere. In fact, nobody believed it was even possible.

Satoshi proved it was. His major innovation was to achieve consensus without a central authority. Cryptocurrencies are a part of this solution the part that made the solution thrilling, fascinating and helped it to roll over the world. Satoshi Nakomoto announced Bitcoin in 2009, on. If you take away all the noise around cryptocurrencies and reduce it to a simple definition, you find it to be just limited entries in a database no one can change without fulfilling specific conditions.

This may seem ordinary, but, believe it or not this is exactly how you can define a currency. Take the money on your bank account What is it more than entries in a database that can only be changed under specific conditions. You can even take physical coins and notes What are they else than limited entries in a public physical database that can only be changed if you match the condition than you physically own the coins and notes. Money is all about a verified entry in some kind of database of accounts, balances, and transactions.

So, to give a proper definition Cryptocurrency is an internet-based medium of exchange which uses cryptographical functions to conduct financial transactions. How miners create coins and confirm transactions. Let s have a look at the mechanism ruling the databases of cryptocurrencies. A cryptocurrency like Bitcoin consists of a network of peers. Every peer has a record of the complete history of all transactions and thus of the balance of every account.

A transaction is a file that says, Bob gives X Bitcoin to Alice and is signed by Bob s private key. It s basic public key cryptography, nothing special at all. After signed, a transaction is broadcasted in the network, sent from one peer to every other peer. This is basic p2p-technology. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

The transaction is known almost immediately by the whole network. But only after a specific amount of time it gets confirmed. Confirmation is a critical concept in cryptocurrencies. You could say that cryptocurrencies are all about confirmation. As long as a transaction is unconfirmed, it is pending and can be forged. When a transaction is confirmed, it is set in stone. It is no longer forgeable, it can t be reversed, it is part of an immutable record of historical transactions of the so-called blockchain.

Only miners can confirm transactions. This is their job in a cryptocurrency-network. They take transactions, stamp them as legit and spread them in the network. After a transaction is confirmed by a iq option bot, every node has to add it to its database. It has become part of the blockchain. For this job, the miners get rewarded with a token of the cryptocurrency, for example with Bitcoins. Since the miner s activity is the single most important part of the cryptocurrency-system we should stay for a moment and take a deeper look at it.

What is cryptocurrency mining. Principally everybody can be a miner. Since a decentralized network has no authority to delegate this task, a cryptocurrency needs some kind of mechanism to prevent one ruling party from abusing it. Imagine someone creates thousands of peers and spreads forged transactions.

The system would break immediately. So, Satoshi set the rule that the miners need to invest some work of their computers to qualify for this task. In fact, they have to find a hash a product of a cryptographic function that connects the new block with its predecessor. This is called the Proof-of-Work. In Bitcoin, it is based on the SHA 256 Hash algorithm.

You don t need to understand the details about SHA 256. It s only important you know that it can be the basis of a cryptologic puzzle the miners compete to solve. After finding a solution, a miner can build a block and add it to the blockchain. As an incentive, he has the right to add a so-called coinbase transaction that gives him a specific number of Bitcoins.

This is the only way to create valid Bitcoins. Bitcoins can only be created if miners solve a cryptographic puzzle. This is part of the consensus no peer in the network can break. Since the difficulty of this puzzle increases the amount of computer power the whole miner s invest, there is only a specific amount of cryptocurrency token that can be created in a given amount of time. Revolutionary Properties. If you really think about it, Bitcoin, as a decentralized network of peers that keep a consensus about accounts and balances, is more a currency than the numbers you see in your bank account.

What are these numbers more than entries in a database a database which can be changed by people you don t see and by rules you don t know. Basically, cryptocurrencies are entries about token in decentralized consensus-databases. Proof of work refers to. They are called CRYPTOcurrencies because the consensus-keeping process is secured by strong cryptography.

Cryptocurrencies are built on cryptography. They are not secured by people or by trust, but by math. It is more probable that an asteroid falls on your house than that a bitcoin address is compromised. Describing the properties of cryptocurrencies we need to separate between transactional and monetary properties. While most cryptocurrencies share a common set of properties, they are not carved in stone. Understanding cryptocurrency properties. 1 Irreversible After confirmation, a transaction can t be reversed.

And nobody means nobody. Not you, not your bank, not the president of the United States, not Satoshi, not your miner. If you send money, you send it. No one can help you, if you sent your funds to a scammer or if a hacker stole them from your computer. There is no safety net. 2 Pseudonymous Neither transactions nor accounts are connected to real-world identities. You receive Bitcoins on so-called addresses, which are randomly seeming chains of around 30 characters.

While it is usually possible to analyze the transaction flow, it is not necessarily possible to connect the real-world identity of users with those addresses. 3 Fast and global Transactions are propagated nearly instantly in the network and are confirmed in a couple of minutes. Since they happen in a global network of computers they are completely indifferent of your physical location. It doesn t matter if I send Bitcoin to my neighbor or to someone on the other side of the world.

4 Secure Cryptocurrency funds are locked in a public key cryptography system. Only the owner of the private key can send cryptocurrency. Strong cryptography and the magic of big numbers make it impossible to break this scheme. A Bitcoin address is more secure than Fort Knox. 5 Permissionless You don t have to ask anybody to use cryptocurrency. It s just a software that everybody can download for free. After you installed it, you can receive and send Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

No one can prevent you. There is no gatekeeper. What is Cryptocurrency Monetary properties. 1 Controlled supply Most cryptocurrencies limit the supply of the tokens. In Bitcoin, the supply decreases in time and will reach its final number sometime around the year 2140. All cryptocurrencies control the supply of the token by a schedule written in the code. This means the monetary supply of a cryptocurrency in every given moment in the future can roughly be calculated today.

There is no surprise. 2 No debt but bearer The Fiat-money on your bank account is created by debtand the numbers, you see on your ledger represent nothing but debts. It s a system of IOU. Cryptocurrencies don t represent debts, they just represent themselves. To understand the revolutionary impact of cryptocurrencies you need to consider both properties.

Bitcoin as a permissionless, irreversible, and pseudonymous means of payment is an attack on the control of banks and governments over the monetary transactions of their citizens. You can t hinder someone to use Bitcoin, you can t prohibit someone to accept a payment, you can t undo a transaction. As money with a limited, controlled supply that is not changeable by a government, a bank or any other central institution, cryptocurrencies attack the scope of the monetary policy.

They take away the control central banks take on inflation or deflation by manipulating the monetary supply. Right now, in particular, it s increasing in popularity with the post-election market uncertainty. The key will be in making it easy for large-scale adoption as with anything involving crypto including developing safeguards and protections for buyers investors.

I expect that within two yearswe ll be in a place where people can shove their money under the virtual mattress through cryptocurrency, and they ll know that wherever they go, that money will be there. Sarah Granger, Author, and Speaker. Understanding cryptocurrency Dawn of a new economy. Mostly due to its revolutionary properties cryptocurrencies have become a success their inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto, didn t dare to dream of it.

While every other attempt to create a digital cash system didn t attract a critical mass of users, Bitcoin had something that provoked enthusiasm and fascination. Sometimes it feels more like religion than technology. Cryptocurrencies are digital gold. Sound money that is secure from political influence. Money promises to preserve and increase its value over time.

Cryptocurrencies are also a fast and comfortable means of payment with a worldwide scope, and they are private and anonymous enough to serve as a means of payment for black markets and any other outlawed economic activity. But while cryptocurrencies are more used for payment, its use as a means of speculation and a store of value dwarfs the payment aspects. Cryptocurrencies gave birth to an incredibly dynamic, fast-growing market for investors and speculators. Exchanges like Okcoin, Poloniex or shapeshift enable the trade of hundreds of cryptocurrencies.

Their daily trade volume exceeds that of major European stock exchanges. At the same time, the praxis of Initial Coin Distribution ICOmostly facilitated by Ethereum s smart contracts, gave life to incredibly successful crowdfunding projects, in which often an idea is enough to collect millions of dollars. In the case of The DAO, it has been more than 150 million dollars. In this rich ecosystem of coins and token, you experience extreme volatility. It s common that a coin gains 10 percent a day sometimes 100 percent just to lose the same the next day.

If you are lucky, your coin s value grows up to 1000 percent in one or two weeks. Which of the following is NOT a property of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency list. While Bitcoin remains by far the most famous cryptocurrency and most other cryptocurrencies have zero non-speculative impact, investors and users should keep an eye on several cryptocurrencies. Here we present the most popular cryptocurrencies of today. The one and only, the first and most famous cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin serves as a digital gold standard in the whole cryptocurrency-industry, is used as a global means of payment and is the de-facto currency of cyber-crime like darknet markets or ransomware. After seven years in existence, Bitcoin s price has increased from zero to more than 650 Dollar, and its transaction volume reached more than 200. 000 daily transactions.

There is not much more to say Bitcoin is here to stay. The brainchild of young crypto-genius Vitalik Buterin has ascended to the second place in the hierarchy of cryptocurrencies. Other than Bitcoin its blockchain does not only validate a set of accounts and balances but of so-called states. This means that ethereum can not only process transactions but complex contracts and programs.

This flexibility makes Ethereum the perfect instrument for blockchain -application. But it comes at a cost. After the Hack of the DAO an Ethereum based smart contract the developers decided to do a hard fork without consensus, which resulted in the emerge of Ethereum Classic. Besides this, there are several clones of Ethereum, and Ethereum itself is a host of several Tokens like DigixDAO and Augur. This makes ethereum more a family of cryptocurrencies than a single currency. While Ripple has a native cryptocurrency XRP it is more about a network to process IOUs than the cryptocurrency itself.

XRP, the currency, doesn t serve as a medium to store and exchange value, but more as a token to protect the network against spam. Ripple, unlike Bitcoin and ethereum, has no mining since all the coins are already pre-mined. Ripple has found immense value in the financial space as a lot of banks have joined the Ripple network.

Litecoin was one of the first cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin and tagged as the silver to the digital gold bitcoin. Faster than bitcoin, with a larger amount of token and a new mining algorithm, Litecoin was a real innovation, perfectly tailored to be the smaller brother of bitcoin. It facilitated the emerge of several other cryptocurrencies which used its codebase but made it, even more, lighter. Examples are Dogecoin or Feathercoin. While Litecoin failed to find a real use case and lost its second place after bitcoin, it is still actively developed and traded and is hoarded as a backup if Bitcoin fails.

Monero is the most prominent example of the CryptoNight algorithm. This algorithm was invented to add the privacy features Bitcoin is missing. If you use Bitcoin, every transaction is documented in the blockchain and the trail of transactions can be followed. With the introduction of a concept called ring-signatures, the CryptoNight algorithm was able to cut through that trail.

The first implementation of CryptoNight, Bytecoin, was heavily premined and thus rejected by the community. Monero was the first non-premined clone of bytecoin and raised a lot of awareness. There are several other incarnations of cryptonote with their own little improvements, but none of it did ever achieve the same popularity as Monero.

Monero s popularity peaked in summer 2016 when some darknet markets decided to accept it as a currency. This resulted in a steady increase in the price, while the actual usage of Monero seems to remain disappointingly small. Besides those, there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies of several families. Most of them are nothing more than attempts to reach investors and quickly make money, but a lot of them promise playgrounds to test innovations in cryptocurrency-technology.

What is Cryptocurrency Conclusion. The market of cryptocurrencies is fast and wild. Nearly every day new cryptocurrencies emerge, old die, early adopters get wealthy and investors lose money. Every cryptocurrency comes with a promise, mostly a big story to turn the world around. Few survive the first months, and most are pumped and dumped by speculators and live on as zombie coins until the last bagholder loses hope ever to see a return on his investment.

In 2 years from now, I believe cryptocurrencies will be gaining legitimacy as a protocol for business transactions, micropayments, and overtaking Western Union as the preferred remittance tool. Regarding business transactions you ll see two paths There will be financial businesses that use it for it s no fee, nearly-instant ability to move any amount of money around, and there will be those that utilize it for its blockchain technology. Blockchain technology provides the largest benefit with trustless auditing, single source of truth, smart contracts, and color coins.

Cody Littlewood, and I m the founder and CEO of Codelitt. Markets are dirty. But this doesn t change the fact that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and here to change the world. This is already happening. People all over the world buy Bitcoin to protect themselves against the devaluation of their national currency. Mostly in Asia, a vivid market for Bitcoin remittance has emerged, and the Bitcoin using darknets of cybercrime are flourishing.

More and more companies discover the power of Smart Contracts or token on Ethereum, the first real-world application of blockchain technologies emerge. Cryptocurrencies take away the centralized institutional control which usually involves. The revolution is already happening. Institutional investors start to buy cryptocurrencies. Banks and governments realize that this invention has the potential to draw their control away. Cryptocurrencies change the world. You can either stand beside and observe or you can become part of history in the making.

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While it s still fairly new and unstable relative to the gold standard, cryptocurrency is definitely gaining traction and will most certainly have more normalized uses in the next few years. Service Broker. Definition - What does Service Broker mean. Service Broker is a feature of SQL Server that monitors the completion of tasks, usually command messages, between two different applications in the database engine.

It is responsible for the safe delivery of messages from one end to another. Service Broker is highly integrated and provides a simple Transact-SQL interface for sending and receiving messages, combined with a set of strong guarantees for message delivery and processing. The initiator program one that starts the conversation sends the message to the Service Broker along with the target application receiver s address.

The target application, after receiving the message, sends an acknowledgement or response message which indicates the successful delivery of to the indicator application. SQL Server Application Gateway Microsoft Foundation Class Library MFC Library Bracket Advanced Audio Coding AAC Lock Statement Extensible Business Reporting Language XBRL Android Gingerbread Terminal Emulation HTML 4.

If a target application is temporarily shut down or is not responding, Service Broker stores the messages until they are ready for delivery. Featured Q A. Can mobile phones be tracked. What are the most common network topologies. How is network mapping different than network monitoring. The 5 Programming Languages That Built the Internet. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi What s the Difference. 5 Benefits of Hyperconverged Systems for Your IT Strategy. When two applications within or outside of SQL Server communicate, neither can access the technical details at the opposite end.

The Top 5 AI and Machine Learning Trends to Watch Out For in 2021. 5 Common Myths About Virtual Reality, Busted. About Advertising Info Contact Us Write for Us Guest Posting. Topics Dictionary Q A Tutorials. Cloud Computing Security Big Data Online Privacy Machine Learning IT Business Data Management All Topics. Webinars Downloads Newsletters Article Feed Q A Feed Terms Feed Sitemap.

Copyright 2020 Techopedia Inc. - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy. It is the job of Service Broker to protect sensitive messages and reliably deliver them to the designated location. Techopedia explains Service Broker. What is the Cell Phone Blacklist, Anyway. In the conversation of second-hand smartphones, the words Blacklist and IMEI get thrown around a lot. So what is this cell phone blacklist anyway.

What is the Cell Phone Blacklist. If a phone is listed on the blacklist, wireless carriers will not allow the phone to connect to the cellular network even if using a valid SIM card. The blacklist is a shared database that lists smartphones that have been reported stolen in Canada. Devices are listed by their unique IMEI Number. Many countries have a similar Blacklist, and these are shared on an international database administered by the GSMA.

What is an IMEI. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is a unique identifier that is hardcoded into all of the latest-generation smartphones. Because unlike a SIM card it cannot be easily removed and because it follows a common standard across carriers and countries it is used to identify stolen phones. Why Was the Blacklist Implemented.

The Blacklist was implemented in 2013 to counteract cell phone theft. This means that a phone that is put on the Blacklist in Canada will not be able to connect in any of the other participating countries, and vice versa. A phone that cannot be activated on any network, even if sold outside of the country, is not very valuable. How can I check if a phone is on the blacklist. To check if your phone is on the blacklist, you can enter your phone s IMEI Number into our IMEI checker, here.

A blacklisted phone will still work with WiFi, but will not not be able to make calls, send texts, or use mobile data. If my phone is blacklisted, what can I do with it. Only the person who reported a phone stolen can have it removed from the blacklist. If you purchased your phone through a classified listing like kijiji or craigslist then your only option is to contact the seller and ask for a refund or to remove the phone from the blacklist if they were the ones who put it on.

If a phone ever ends up on the blacklist, we will replace it even if your warranty is up. If a phone you found is on the cell phone blacklist, take it in to the original wireless carrier and they may be able to return the phone to it s owner. Public Mobile and iPhones Everything You Need To Know. Is iPhone 8 Waterproof. Is iPhone X Waterproof.

At Orchard, we guarantee that any phone you buy from us will never be blacklisted. 69 comments. The Last Article You ll Need To Read. my phone is running on a network and its listed as a lost or stolen what do i do. First step would be to call your carrier. I forgot my pass code to my iPhone how do I get it open. Hey Jake, if you re the owner of the phone and it was blacklisted by mistake, you should be able to reverse this.

If you purchased the phone via eBay, you may be able to make a claim for a refund. If you really can t remember your passcode, you ll have to erase all the data from the phone. Hope you ve made a recent backup. Hello I got the phone from a family member she bought the phone out from the company but she thought she lost is so it s on the list but she s no longer with that Carrier what can I do.

Hi Boedya, unfortunately not much so long as the phone is blacklisted, it won t work with any carrier. It s a brand new IPhone 6s, and I was told it was blacklisted. A blacklist iq option bot limited to one phone. It can t be transferred to another device through a SIM card, or any other way. If you got this phone new from a carrier, give them a call and they should be able to clear things up. Hey, if I put an old SIM card from someone s old phone that they blacklisted, will the blacklist travel to my new phone.

In short, yes you can. Hi Jannah, sorry to hear that. Unfortunately there s nothing that we can do Can I suggest calling the carrier and speaking to them about why it was put on the blacklist and how you might be able to get it removed. It will however still work on Wi-Fi, and can be used as an iPod without any risk. It sounds like this might be a problem with your SIM card. When a SIM card is not able to talk to the cell network, your phone can t register with the network and fails to connect.

My phone wont connect to any network is it blacklisted and how do I remove it. Can I still use a blacklisted phone as just a iPod and not be put in risk. The blacklist prevents the phone from being used with any SIM cards, so you ll never be able to use it for calling, texting, or data use. Hi Luis, we don t encourage nor can we speak to this. Hi I have an iPhone 7 and for some reason it was reported stolen and I don t know what to do can you please help me.

If I reverse the blacklist will the carrier know and get me in trouble. Getting a new card from your carrier should solve your problem, and they can transfer your phone number from the old card to the new one. If I bought my iPhone 8 on line and has been working with no problems until I tried to switch service. But they my phone has been reported stolen but my old carrier say they cannot see it on their system. I did some research and I don t know how my phone got on the black list.

Hi Lorenzo, sorry to hear that. Do you know the original owner of the phone. The only way to get the phone off the blacklist is to have them call and settle up with the carrier. Otherwise, there s really nothing that you can do. I was on my friends plan with my own phone and he had my phone blacklisted I called the carrier and they said since he blacklisted my phone I said my phone they said there is nothing they can do can anybody help me thank you. please tell me a solution. Someone is offering to sell me a blacklisted phone from Kijiji.

She sounds innocent enough and apparently bought it online herself unaware it was blacklisted. She was honest enough with me about and is selling at a discount. my phone says not registered on network. But if I have a blacklisted phone, can I get in trouble for it. Can I be charged with posession of stolen property even if I bought it off Kijiji. How do I find out who put it on there. I bought it from the manufacturer paid in full. My phone is blacklisted but I didn t put it on there nor did my carrier.

I want it removed from the blacklist but I have to find out who put it on there first. I m assuming it was done by error maybe someone mistyped the number of another phone and entered minexpensive by accident. I m assuming it was done by error maybe someone mistyped the number of another phone and entered mine by accident. CORRECTION FOR PREVIOUS COMMENT.

My phone is blacklisted but I cant find the person who gave it to me what can I do to make it work again J5 Prime. My t mobile phone blacklisted and blocked for non payment of overcharged bill. T mobile won t accept phone b. I ve bought a phone that is blacklisted. I didnt know but when i got home i ve noticed that its blocked.

I tried many times to contact the seller but he didnt answer me. It seems i ve been rip off. How can i sort the problem. I bought from Shpock. Can be any chance to get my money back. Sorry to hear that Aurelia. If you re not able to get in touch with the seller, you do have the ability to report a user on Shpock. com faq faq-tailor-your-experience-9 If the Shpock support team isn t able to help you, you might be out of luck. That being said, the phone will still be useful for surfing the web, apps, and music.

I brought iPhone 7 Plus was able to use EE sim but doing a IMEI check it said T movie had black listed it but iCloud was clean not sure I understand please help. And I don t use cellular service anyways, and would only want it for the camera, wifi, and apps. I reported my phone stolen and i had both the sim cad and the phone blocked ,cab i still be able to trace the cell phone. I bought a iphone from someone and when I went to activate my phone it came out on the blacklist.

Do you help with unlocking iphone. If a phone is blacklisted can you keep the same phone number when you get a new phone. I m wandering this too. If for any reason a phone that you have is blacklisted, you would be able to remove the SIM card from it, and use the same phone number with another phone.

The blacklist actually only applies to a specific device, not a phone number. Orchard my country is blocking all the smuggled phone. I dont consider my phone smuggled because i bought it in saudia and now i brought it here in pakistan. So if my phone gets block which they announced will happen on dec 3 what can i do to unblock it. There s literally no point in stealing phones nowadays. I saw a Note 9 for sale on Ebay at a really cheap price. It s locked by Sprint but I m a Sprint Customer so great.

Before purchasing, I got the IMEI number and called Sprint and they told me it was free and clean. So I bought it. I looked it up myself and it says its FED Financial Eligibility failed because its still under contract. Is there anything I can do so I can use this phone. The next day, I brought it to my local Sprint store and they said its now locked but wouldn t tell me why.

I recently allow a friend well I thought it was a friend to purchase some phones on my account they were post to pay for them, they haven t paid for them and now I have a high monthly bill I recently suspended and black list the phones from AT T their iPhones my question is can a blacklist phone be used in other countries like Ghana or Nigeria.

Yeah, I used a SIM card that must have been stolen cuz now my phone is blacklisted even after I swapped sims. This is a bit of a tricky question to answer. When a phone is placed on a blacklist, the information is made available to all carriers worldwide, however it is up to individual carriers to decide what kind of action they will take based on this information. In North America, carriers would take heed of AT T s blacklist and block use of the phone, but we can t guarantee that this would be the case in every country worldwide.

Blacklisted phone can be used its original carrier. Why do you say A blacklisted phone will still work with WiFi, but will not not be able to make calls, send texts, or use mobile data. You cannot use it on other carriers. You can still use it on the original carrier. I think what you re referring to is a phone lock, which can restrict the use of a phone to a single carrier. If i unlock my phone and use a sim card from a different carrier before they try to blacklist my phone, will they still be able to blacklist my phone.

When a phone is blacklisted by, it will actually be prevented from use on ALL carriers, including the one it was originally sold by. I have an atypical problem. She used pre-paid cards last year and year before, unfortunately she does not remember carriers she used. My daughter purchased her phone in Apple store two years ago. She does not live in US, but comes regularly to visit.

This year we found that her phone is on blacklist. How I can find out what carrier put her phone on blacklist. Hi Igor, that is a pretty strange situation. I am not sure how you can confirm the carrier that added your device to the blacklist. Maybe look at the statements from those prepaid cards to see which carrier was charging your card. So I blacklisted my phone today but I m wondering if it cancels mobile data with my number in that stolen phone. I need mobile data in order to track it on find my iPhone.

Sorry I couldn t be more helpful. So I don t know if my cellular network still works or not. Hmmm that s a good thought the phone won t get any more cellular data so Find My iPhone most likely will not work. My ex girlfriend reported MY phone stolen out of spite even though I was paying my half of the phone bill. She is the account holder.

Is there anyway I can still use the phone on a new account at AT T. Unfortunately, you ll have to get your phone removed from the blacklist before it will work with any carrier. Tough situation. Good day can my iphone se be blacklisted since it says no service after i updated it to a new iOS. If the phone wasn t blacklisted before the update, then it s extremely rare that it would be blacklisted after. Can I recommend turning off the phone and turning it back on. If that doesn t work, try taking out the SIM card and reinserting it.

How do i blacklist my phone. Call your carrier and let them know that you d like it added to the blacklist. The phone is a Stolen or Lost device that is the sole Propert of a very FRUSTRATED customer who wants their property back. Report the property back to the original Carrier and some good Karma will go around. It s funny, I have a legit blacklisted iPhone that I got for dirt cheap and it runs AT T, cricket, and straight talk.

hmmm sounds like you got very lucky. This is not how the system is supposed to work. Hi I am planning to buy phone from one person and he was telling me that he was using his card which is under contract In his old phone so he want to sell new phone. In case if I purchased that phone and afterwards he failed to pay his bill. Is it possible that provider will blacklist that phone. Yes it is very possible. I would not recommend buying this person s phone until it is completely paid off with the carrier.

My sister bought a hisense f22 in 2017. She died last year. So the phone is now owned by me but blacklisted. Hmmm, you ll have to reach out to your sister s carrier. They might be able to help. I can use text Plus and apps like that on WiFi the only issues I have like people have said you cannot get coverage on any carrier. I think u can tether from another device so it s not completely a brick.

Yes Carlos, not entirely a brick you re right. More like one of the newer iPods. If a phone has been blacklisted will you still be able to see things such as messages that was received prior to being blacklisted. Hi Calvin, great question. You can do almost anything with a blacklisted phone except for those activities that require a cell signal. So yes, if there is content on the phone iq option bot then you d be able to view that content.

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It s interesting that they respond to public reviews but could care less when you contact them privately. I m not usually a review-leaver, but the customer service I ve experienced from multiple reps Tramy and Elizabeth. continuing to do so without my consent. I would not recommend Orchard. especially has been so excellent I m compelled to make my feelings public. They were attentive, helpful, and genuinely concerned that I should have a good experience with my phone.

Service like this is a rarity these days. I have used the services of Orchard labs on at least 4 occasions. The process was very easy and I received a very fair. surprising payments even for phones with broken screens. Highly recommended for anyone looking to sell their used phones. Their customer service is 1st rate they send you the box and shipping label once they agree to purchase.

In some cases I received more than the quoted price once they received. Bought an iPhone 8, which arrived in like new condition and I am very impressed with the buying experience overall. like to buy things used, but this can be risky with tech because it s a lot of money for something that doesn t come with any warranties or quality guarantees. Orchard was the perfect solution for me because I felt completely protected as a buyer. I was also really happy with their customer service.

They sent enough follow-up emails post-purchase that I felt like I knew what was going on and comfortable reaching out if I had any questions, but not so many emails that it got annoying. I definitely plan on using Orchard again. talk about excellent Customer Service. You don t see that anymore these days. actually caring about a Customer. Elizabeth went above and beyond. I needed a phone quickly she delivered. Other company s should copy their service model because it works.

I highly recommend purchasing items from Orchard. Orchard was a great way to sell my used iPhone. I downloaded the app and received my quote with ease. shipping my phone to Orchard, they reassessed my phone and increased the appraised value because it was in better condition than they imagined. It was sold faster than they had estimated so I received my payment quickly.

I d use Orchard again. Great place to sell your old phone. They even gave me more money. I downloaded the app and everything went very smooth. than expected. 10 10 would recommend selling your phone through Orchard. I ve always been a little nervous to sell my phone on my own. so being able to do it through a trusted company has been such a game changer. Orchard provides impeccable customer service as well, which helped me feel extra comfortable working with them.

Had an amazing experience. This is the second time I bought a used cell phone through Orchard. The phone was in excellent condition and it was. shipped quickly. They provide an excellent Customer Service. I heard about Orchard through some nerd friends of mine which is usually a good sign. From the purchase to the. I personally recommend them. pick-up, it was a smooth process. An iPhone 8 Like New was just purchased 12 19.

It is the 4th iPhone I have purchased for my myself family members. Happy to add to the many recommendations.

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