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Skrill offers Personal and Business accounts. The Business account allows a merchant to accept payment online through a simple integration to their website that comes with enhanced fraud management. The methods supported include. Skrill Wallet with 1-tap a quick checkout page Local Payment Methods these vary by country Credit Debit cards. The Personal account enables users to. Buy Cryptocurrency users can buy any of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, XRP and 0x, instantly.

Open Skrill Account. It is easy to open a Skrill Account through their website. You would need. an email address the address would need to be verified bank account this would also help with verification a Visa MasterCard credit or debit card. Skrill Login Sign In. In addition to logging in to the account from their website, their Android and iOS apps for iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones are also very useful.

The mobile app is a very useful way to manage the account. Funding your Account in Nigeria. It is against Skrill s terms of service for it to be bought or sold through an online digital currency exchange. Thus, you cannot buy Skrill in Nigeria like you would Bitcoins or say Perfect Money. You can, however, fund your account via a SWIFT Bank Transfer or a linked valid Visa card.

Buy with Skrill. Web4Africa is a leading merchant that accepts payment via Skrill for domain names, web hosting, virtual servers and every other service we offer. Thousands of other merchants in Europe and elsewhere accept Skrill for goods and services. these include Lindex, eGifter, Ethiopian Airlines, Skype, oponeo etc.

It is available to use by residents of Nigeria. You can deposit either with your Visa or Mastercard credit or debit or with your bank account by wire transfer. If you withdraw via wire transfer SWIFTthis will take between 2 and 7 business days depending on your bank. Considering the fees, it is a good idea to keep your withdrawals to a minimum of 100. You can receive money from other Skrill users either by having them send money to you directly or through a cart on your website.

Yes, you can but it is a better experience to use it with a bank account. Skrill accepts Mastercard and Visa cards. This is subjective and depends on the use-case. This is available to residents of Europe only. You can only withdraw to supported Visa cards. 137 Comments on Skrill Nigeria Opening and Managing a Skrill Account in Nigeria. I have opened an account and funded my skrill account but I can not transfer fund to another skrill account. I don t know the reason for that.

Please assist me to be able to transfer my fund. Thank you Magaji Mohammed Saba. Contact the customer care service. i whant to open accout. Can I transfer my money from skill to my Nigeria bank account. You can do so via Wire Transfer. You need your bank s SWIFT details to do so. Why can t I fund my skrill account with first bank visa gold credit card.

Which other method is available for me. What r the requirment to oppen the skrill account how can i go about the opening. I want to close my skrill account and my monies transfer to my account. I need my money credit back to my account. Please can you help fund my skrill account. You can fund your Skrill account yourself directly via Wire Transfer or Visa card. Its all because you didn t verify your account, login to your Skrill account and then check the FAQ for directions on how verify, or check your email for it.

Does skrill accept all Nigerians Visa cards. All Visa cards that are enabled by the card issuer to work on the internet for international transactions should work fine. How long does it take for a Skrill account to be deposited when you use visa or MasterCard. Mine worked like this. How do I get a Skrill account number. I deposited into my skrill account with my visa card, can I transfer my money from skrill to the same card.

If yes how do I do it. How can I fund my skrill account in Nigerian currency. Must I open a Euro account. Skrill does not support Naira. The account has to be in US Dollars or Euro. How can I transfer my money to my bank account but I don t have a Visa card, only naira MasterCard. I can say that skrill is better than Paypal as you can send and recieve money from Nigeria. Web4Africa Nigeria please can Skrill deposit in money with debit or credit cards in USA and transfer straight to Nigeria using Skrill account too.

please my name is udeme Joseph okon, iq option yahoo answers money was sent to me from Canada since on Wednesday n I got a call from the agent which I paid some money to an account through the the acct the agent gave me owned by one Mohammad from first bank, n I also paid another for the money to be changed to naira, but uptill now, he keeps telling me he will get bk to me. pls what is happening because the money was surpose to be for an emergency but it turns out to be something I dnt understand.

I have open a skrill account but can t find my skrill account number. The email address you used in opening the Skrill account is your account ID. There is no number like bank accounts. Good day, I want to know if its only a domiciliary account that you can use to deposit into one s skrill account, thanks. Yes, since it is only domiciliary accounts that can wire money out of Nigeria.

Can i receive payment for freelance jobs done on some website as a Nigerian and if yes can such money be transferred to my local bank account in Nigeria. How can dis be done please. I have funded my skrill account but i cannot withdraw. is there charges on both deposit and withdrawal. If I want to withdraw money from outside nigeria via skrill, am I going to put skrill Id number as my account number or my Nigeria bank account number, pls this is causing big confusion.

Your question is slightly confusing. Either way, the Skrill ID number is not useful for anything outside Skrill itself. You cannot give the ID number to a bank. My ears are wide open. Do I need to open dollars account before I can fund Skrill account. In Nigeria, yes. You need a domiciliary account denominated in US Dollars to wire money out of the country in USD.

What about withdrawal, how do I send funds in my skrill account to my Nigeria Bank account without a domiciliary account. Please i know skrill and neteller are from the same parent company so i have a question that concerns both. I have created a skrill and neteller account but I m scared of putting my money in as i don t want to be stuck in a situation where i wont be able to withdraw or transfer it. I notice you re selectively replying to people so your response to this would guide me to either continue with the process or just quit both because i want to use both for business transactions.

Here are the questions below; 1. On my neteller and skrill using the US Dollar currency, can i receive and transfer money to another neteller and skrill subscriber accounts respectively who s using another currency, Like USD receiving transfer to GBP. If yes, are there any charges for currency conversion. Is there any ID Verification needed to withdraw or transfer. When withdrawing from my USD skrill or neteller account to my bank account in Nigeria that uses Naira currency, would there be extra charges for currency conversion.

Like Upaycard. io, does skrill or neteller converts USD to Bitcoin Currency Exchange and then allows you transfer the Bitcoin to another crypto wallet outside neteller or skrill. I don t have a Visa card, i only have a Mastercard, can i use it to fund my neteller and skrill accounts. What are the maximum tranfer and receiving limits per day or per transaction. Please, i have paused my registration with both platforms because i don t want to make errors.

Your reply would really help. Skrill allows you iq option yahoo answers send money in more than 40 different currencies. Currency conversion fees may apply. This is only done once when your account is being verified. Skrill will charge you 3. Skrill allows conversion to Bitcoin but you can t withdraw to another BTC wallet unfortunately. 99 for currency conversion separate from their withdrawal fees from USD to EUR and your Nigerian bank would charge you again for EUR to NGN.

They charge 1 for this. This would depend on the status of your account as to whether it is verified or not. I am unable to confirm the exact limits. Please i hope you answer my question as i am at a serious crossroads. I am not aware of that problem. If in doubt, you might want to attempt the process with a smaller amount.

Please is my skrill id the same as my skrill account number. Good I was able to meet up with most question I have in mind here. Hello, my skrill account is new and i have not deposited any money in it. Can i still receive money into it via a transfer from another skrill account. I just opened a skrill account, I m yet to fund it, please can I receive skrill transfer from other skrill user to my skrill account. I deposited money on my skrill account through mastercardbut now i can t be able to withdraw the money or even use to purchase, am in dilemma.

Please consult Skrill s Customer Care for assistance. This skrill has a big question mark, if they want to operates in Nigeria then they should have an agent here. The challenges of depositing withdrawal transfering of money through skrill are so much. Odison, Unfortunately you may be stuck with Skrill for some time. So many people have complained about Skrill holding to clients money in the name of verification. I deposited some money into my Skrill account, and submitted all documents to verify my account.

Till now I can t access my funds I can t withdraw it or use it for the purpose for which I opened the account. Please must I use a domiciliary account with Skrill or a savings account will suffice for wire transfer into the account. I think you can wire into any valid Nigerian bank account whether it is in Naira or not; Current or Savings. Having said that, a Domiciliary Account may be better. Hi Web4Africa Nigeria, I most say am especially thrilled to see your follow up guides on those misconcepted matters relating to skrill account.

I just had most my thought arising questions answered already. I can now proceed in opening my very own skrill account for my online transactions; am already frustrated enough using the PayPal transfer, as can t transfer my funds to my Nigerian account. Kudos to all team skrill. Thank you, Abdulmalik. I want to deposit money in to my olymptrade account using Skrill but I was ask to add a card and I added my master card which I used to fund my Skrill account.

I was told that master card is not surported. Please what should I do. You can only upload funds in Skrill with a Visa card. Access Bank, Standard Charted Bank, First Bank, Stanbic IBTC etc all issue Visa Naira cards in Nigeria. Run away from Skrill. You will deposit but won t be able to withdraw or use your money. My money has been trapped over a month now.

I ve tried all means to withdraw but no way. They re thieves. Their customer service is total nonsense. Hi web4Africa Nigeria. I must recommend your effort towards attending to our curiosities, I m well convinced and I m registering skrill. I made a deposit of 97 with my gtb master card to my skrill account. But I have been denied access to the fund that the master card can iq option yahoo answers be used for online payment.

In was also denied withdrawal of the fund. I have send a mail to them yet non response. which bank in nigeria is best for skrill, please i want to open a bank account for skrill and i m confused pls. A friend of mine was trying to use first Bank visa card but did not work so please which bank do you recommend me to use.

You are really doing a great work. Thank you Web4Africa. Please what are the verification requirements for Skrill account. They d need your government-issued means of identification, proof of address and you d need to authenticate your Visa or Mastercard through their portal. pls i asked again, I need your answer. Please I do not understand what you mean by all isseue Visa Naira cards in Nigeria. It means the listed banks offer Naira Visa cards to account holders.

Hello web4africa I think I m observing from recent question asked here. The skrill account aside from the Visa card accepting funding and sending money with the card Dey also accept funding from the MasterCard but can t send money funded with the master card. I think I should be right on this. You can fund Skrill with Mastercard but cannot withdraw TO a Mastercard. Alright, I have fund with MasterCard but can t send to marchant.

I needed to send money to an email. I withdraw from my skrill account to my bank account how will it takes for me to see the alert. I need to be cleared here, where did domiciliary account or ATM comes in. Should I fund with a naira account ATM or domiciliary account ATM, please explain it well. please have been trying to found my account through visa card but the response is always transaction failed. contact your bank for more information. when I contacted my bank I was told the problem must be from skrill.

kindly help me if you have any way out on that. I opened my skrill account been trying to fund it with my mastercard but it kept telling me transaction failed i dont know why. What about cameroon can i open an account in cameroon. Can I fund my skrill account with my Ecobank visa card and also withdraw money back to my Ecobank with the visa card.

You should be able to fund with your Ecobank Visa but withdrawal would only work if Ecobank supports that feature. What is the highest amount can you withdraw from Skrill account without fully verification. Don t risk using Skrill without full verification. There is a high chance your money can get stuck. How long does it take Skrill to verify an account. I opened a Skrill account, deposited some money through my MasterCard and sent all the documents they required.

Up till now my account is yet to be verified. I tried to check their review on Play Store, I was shocked to read very negative comments. Some people complaint that for months now they can t do anything with their fund and Customer Care is not responding to their complaints. I think people should be careful with Skrill and Netteler. Hello Web4africa i must say you are doing a big job i so much appreciate for the assistance and time.

Please i funded my Binary. com account with my MasterCard and the account is in Gbp, when i now decided to withdraw again with my MasterCard the system denied me the assess as to perform the action, but gave me option to do so with a skrill or neteller, but in this case i will prefer to use skrill. So can i just open a skrill account and without funding it and use it to withdraw. i would love to know if i can fund my skrill account or neteller account with my visa or master card here in Nigeria then when my wallets in skrill or neteller is credited i can further transfer the funds to a merchant.

It can be funded with Mastercard or Visa. I ask this cause i was told that if you credit via debit card to your skrill account you wont be able to transfer such funds to a merchant that it can only be transferred to a bank account. I NEED A SKRILL ACCOUNT. Yes, provided your Skrill account is fully verified. You cannot withdraw directly to a Mastercard. I have an issue to sort out with Skrill. Do they have a physical office here in Nigeria. Also why do they allow people to pay without verifying their account.

What is Skrill exchange rate from dollar to naira. I have full very my skill account and my limit has been extendso I have click a withdrawal request, and I want to ask that how long will it take the money before reaching my bank account. I really don t know why people still use skrill. Their very negative online reviews should tell you every thing you need to know about them.

I have a skrill account which i no longer use because of the fraudulent conversion rates and precessing fees they charge. When you want to withdraw money, they charge high processing fees and then pay you at a conversion rate of 1 N290 as opposed to 1 N365. Total ripoff. Still same thing going on my mind. Someone recommended Skrill to me but from what I m iq option yahoo answers here I don t think I m ready to go through this troubles Why accept deposits when an account have not been verified Why accept deposit with Naira MasterCard when I can t withdraw with it.

I need a quick reply on this. I made a withdrawal on my skrill account in less than an hour now and the money hasn t been deposited into my bank account yet I used UBA visa debit card. Please what s happening. I have MasterCard as you said it can be able to deposits but can t be withdrawn, can I use another person s visacard to withdraw and how long to reflect. Please does skrill still work in Nigeria I want to open an a there is a rumor that it doesn t work in Nigeria.

What happens to the money when they are unable to verify such account. I deposited with Master card via local bank and i wanted to withdraw my money to local bank,the system asked me to verified my account to exceed my limitthe account has been verified, but still display exceed your limit, i want to know what is going. pls i need solution. Why is propeller now rejecting skrill. LET ME TYPE THIS IN CAPITAL LETTER.

May be their is way to withdraw to local bank. STAY AWAY FROM SKRILL. I HAVE HAD HORRIBLE EXPERIENCES. IF YOU DEPOSIT 100 AND WANT TO GET BACK NOW NOW, YOU MAY END UP WITH 50. CUSTOMER CARE ZERO. For properller, I think is because they have payoneer already. I opened an account and I want it denominated in USD and not EURO.

Please can I withdraw from my Skrill account to my Nigeria account after the money is been send to me from USA. Please I need to know if I can withdraw my money from skrill to a normal Nigerian account or it must be to a domociliary account. How do I change it. Good day web4africa. Pls can I fund my skrill account with another person s MasterCard. I am Suleiman aminu and I happen to be one of the victim that skrill scam, please I am sending this out of experience if there is anyone who is willing to open an account with them please don t do so because I swear to God they are going to use your inexperience to steal your money.

a friend of mine send 100 to my account but I can t withdraw the money because of their so called verification, and ofcourse now the account has been restricted. please and please don t open an account with them they are thieves. How do I know my SKRILL EMAIL. is it the one I used to register or They will give me one with which one can till on online company. Pls i need clarification on how to use skrill to receive payment online for a freelance job i did, to be specific i am finding it difficult knowing which account number to put, is it my local bank account number.

Hello please i m having very serious issues with my skrill account. I can t transfer funds to another skrill account. I ve contacted the customer care but i still did get any solution that worked. Please what do i do. I want to withdraw money from an online trading platform. they are requesting for withdrawal account. how do I get my skill account. Please what will I use to verify my account as a Nigeria.

How can I change my currency on Skrill from Euro to Naira. Personal or business account which one is best for receiving online payment in skrill. It depends on your intention. If the account is intended for collecting or making payments for business purposes, a business account would be more appropriate. please am trying to fund my skrill account with my visa card but is not accepting it. Please money was transfer to me from United state of America with Skrill app, to my Nigeria bank account, how long will it take for me to receive it.

It s has been showing pending for 2 days now. The skrill is not accepting the address and I don t know why. My account they sent me money 177 and my money was not able to withdraw they told me to verify it with documents and the once I bring they don t accept it am confused. It s just unfortunate we have to use it to receive funds. They can freeze your funds at will even after verification. Again, they exchange 1dollar for 293naira.

Time to explore other online wallets with better reputation and exchange rate. I have opened a Skrill account which I have not funded yet. I also have a PayPal account which I have been using to make payments. From what I have read so far, it may be that I should use Skrill to receive money and employ PayPal for payments. What is your take on this. Thanks For this Article Please I want to know if received Money in my Skrill wallet i can be able to transfer it to my Nigeria Bank account.

pls can I use my master card to fund my account in skrill. pls will I be able to send or transfer money from my skrill account to another skrill account or email address. Skrill is a fraudulent company. Keep in mind that you won t be allowed to use the fund on any website that accepts master card. please can i withdraw from skrill to my dollar account in nigeria. I m having a big problem with my skrill account, if I knew skrill is like this I will not even come to them, I deposited 12 into my skrill account via first bank MasterCard having it in mind to transfer 10 into my iq option account, skrill ask me to verify my account in which I have done, still after the verification I can t still transfer the money nor even withdraw it back.

Bad experience with skrill. You mean after depositing you ve not been able to transfer nor withdraw your money. is skrill really a Scam. been reading reviews since and all the review has been bad. just wanna start using Skrill done even know what to do after reading all these Scam Reviews. Victor Anthony please I do have the same problem funding my IQ OPTION account,have you funded and did you go about that. Thanks for all the highlights.

My contention of which I want to understand is that. if I am to fund my Skrill wallet with Naira MasterCard, what is the exchange rate. Are they using CBN official FX or what. If I decided to wire transfer the fund in a Nigerian Domiciliary Account, how possible is that. Please i want to receive money with my Skrill account and am being ask of the account number, which one should i use.

Is it my email address or my user ID which is about 9 digits number that have seen on my account. Pls it s urgent. I need someone I can sell my skrill fund to. Must i verify my skrill with the exact ID card that Carrie s the name I use in creating it when restricted. How can I withdraw from my Skrill account to my bank account in Nigeria and which bank. I have read a lot and am confused I have some questions and I hope its answered 1 At what exchange rate do Skrill convert dollar to naira.

2 If I fund my skrill account with zenith bank MasterCard can I still withdraw to it. 3 If I withdraw from my trading account to skrill how long will it take to drop to my Nigerian bank account. I like interface a lot. I don t need to worry about new versions. STOP Using The RSI Indicator In Your Forex Trading.

August 16, 2018 by VP. The RSI Indicator looked so easy when you first saw it. It worked so well every time somebody else used it. Then what happened when YOU went on to use it. Did you get the same results. There are many reasons why you did not. You can also watch the video I made for this here, or simply continue on. The Relative Strength Index, or RSI Indicator, is one of the simplest-to-use Forex trading indicators out there.

This is one of the reasons people love it. Problem is, out of all the reasons people love it, It makes me money is not one of them. And that s what we care about here at No Nonsense Forex. Here s the video I made for the RSI, and I use my own charts to show you how it absolutely does not make you money. In this blog post, I will take the most common arguments traders may use against the idea that the RSI is awful one by one.

Chances are, one of those arguments is yours. How Do You Use The RSI Indicator. For most traders, it is super simple. Set your parameters at 70 and 30 this is often already done for you. When the line enters overbought territory above 70, wait for it to cross back below 70, and go short. When the line enters oversold territory below 30, wait for it to cross back above 30, and go long. We Already Have a Problem. Here s the problem Overbought and Oversold isn t even a real thing in Forex.

It is in stocks. It is in gold. Those things have intrinsic value. Currency pairs do not. They can go as high or as low as the Big Banks want them to go, until a governmental body steps in, but that could take thousands of pips before that ever happens. So by the very definition of what it does, it s already flawed. Add in the fact that it was created in 1978, eighteen years before spot Forex was even open to the retail public, and you are now the proud owner of a defunct indicator that you re not even using for the right market.

It s broken, and it s not fixable. It cannot work for you. We could stop there. Most of you have never heard of anyone saying anything negative about the RSI. This should scare the hell out of you. As bad as this thing is, what else aren t they telling you. Over 99 of Forex traders iq option yahoo answers lose money, or never get to a point where they can trade for a living. And shit like this is the reason.

You are stuck in an echo chamber where everyone in it is being way too supportive of things that don t work. Did you know there are thousands of Forex trading indicators out there. That were actually MADE for the Forex market. And most of them were created THIS century. I still can t believe this. It s a hard sell to people who have been told one thing their entire trading career.

So let s go argument-by-argument and try to get you to see this. 1 But I See This Indicator on Financial TV All The Time. It means nothing. CNBC and Bloomberg, and even lesser-watched channels like Fox Business and Cheddar will, when they even bother to show technical analysis, often show a chart with the RSI underneath it.

To you, this gives the RSI authority. These people are finance experts. They wear nice suits. They speak all smart. They are not Forex traders. These people don t make their money trading. They don t have to. They can show you whatever they want, and right or wrong it doesn t matter. If they were right, they can replay it and show you how right they were. If they were wrong, they can just move on to something else. And by the way, they are wrong all the time.

But all of this is null and void anyway, because rarely will they ever make a prediction as to long or short based on a chart they show you. It almost never happens. They are not technical traders. These news networks spend almost none of their time on charts and chart-reading. Things like this are of no real interest to viewers of financial networks. It takes too long to teach. It takes no time to simply broadcast news stories. Technical traders like us are actually a rarity. As for people watching at home, if you ARE going to show them a chart, you need to dumb it down as much as possible to avoid confusing the viewer.

There s nothing as dumb and simple as a trend line or an indicator like the RSI. And this does NOT give it credibility and it does NOT mean you should be using it too. This is a stupid reasoning for using the RSI. 2 It s not just on TV, I see almost everyone using it. Does almost everyone win or lose at Forex trading. That s what I thought. This is not stocks. You do NOT want to do what is popular.

The popular group gets eaten by the Big Banks. The popular group forever ends up in the 99 of traders that will never be able to trade at a professional level. If you haven t figured this out by now and my readers already haveyou need to, at all costs, avoid the tools that put you on the popular side of the trade at the most popular areas of the chart.

It s the only way to put the odds in your favor. We don t have the luxury of knowing where the popular side actually is, but we sure can up our odds of avoiding them by not using the same things they use. And if you want to go completely against what I just said, then by all means, please go and use the most popular indicator in Forex.

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