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The platform was founded in 2013. Since then, the broker has successfully operated in 53 countries around the world with the official license of CySEC. The company is awarded with prestigious prizes from BIDG, The Web Marketing Association, Global Banking Finance Review, etc. IQ Option is a respected international brand that values its reputation. The company does not stand still and is constantly growing. Regularly there are new functions, trade tools are being modernized and new assets are added.

IQ Option is a fast, reliable and efficient platform that will get better over time. Choose between multiple payment systems to withdraw and deposit your funds quickly and securely. Maybe you just went out for a quick run and see this notification Ещё from your watch. No matter what device you are using, you can trade with IQ Option.

Страница IQ Option Broker добавила видеообложку. New payment method is available for deposit. Valentine s Day Tournament. Be with us on St. Valentine s Day and try to win. We glad to announce St. Make trades, not love. At IQ Option, tournaments are just like that a competition between traders who want to score the highest outcome possible during the tournament duration to win a real money prize. The list of available tournaments can be checked out here; at this link you can see all the current tournaments, the tournaments that are about to start, as well as those that have already ended.

A tournament is defined as a competition between two people aiming to get the best possible score and become the leader of the game, while winning a prize. There you are able to choose a tournament and see its description. The most important thing to take into account are these 4 concepts. Duration the time you have to get the highest possible earnings so you could win the real prize.

Entry fee what you need to pay to enter the tournament. Prize pool the amount of money to award the tournament winners. Prize distribution probably the most important thing, since when we click the red letters we will be able to see how many participants could share the real prize. Note that every tournament has a different prize pool and tournament winners can go from 5 traders to 30 traders, depending only on the tournament you are taking part in. At IQ Option we can say that we are the only binary options broker to offer a hybrid account between a demo account and a real account.

After the trader makes trades, gets benefits and ends up at the top of the tournament, they get a real money prize similar to the real account balancewhich they can either withdraw or use to continue trading with their real account. And when a trader signs up for a tournament, they will receive a new special tournament account with the name of the tournament they just joined and a fake account balance, which is the same for all tournament participants similar to the demo account balance.

There you can select the name of the tournament in which you want to participate and select it to see the ranking of the tournament, and at the same time see what place you occupy in the general score table. A new window will be displayed with the available tournaments. Remember that to get a real prize you have to end the tournament at the top of the ranking.

What happens if I lose all the money from the tournament account. This is a very frequent question from our clients, and here is the answer. By doing this, you can top up the tournament account balance to the same amount of money you started the tournament with, and keep trading to win the final prize. If when participating in a tournament you run out of funds to trade, you can click the rebuy button in the upper right side of the screen, which allows you to buy an entry to the same tournament, but this time at a lower price than the one paid the first time.

Right now, the only limitation in the tournament is that you can only trade with Binary Options. Is there any limitation when trading in a tournament. Soon there will be an option to trade on Digital Options for some tournaments, as well. When participating in a tournament, you can open the menu on the left panel and click on the plus icon. Apart from that, it is just like trading on the demo or the real account, so there is no limitation except to comply with the general terms conditions for trading with IQ Option.

Can I withdraw the prize I won at the tournament. Note that once the tournament is over, if you are a winner, the prize will be credited to your real account balance; after receiving the money, you can withdraw it or zoom iq option it to keep trading with your real account. Good luck dear traders, and remember that the main advantage of participating in tournaments is practicing all the strategies, mastering the trader s psychology, and at the same time acknowledging to yourself that you have the right set of skills and self confidence when trading.

Yes, you can withdraw the prizes earned at the tournaments. Many traders admit that a tournament is a chance to win real money while still practicing, and if you win while training, you prove to yourself that you can also do it in a real account. IQ Option retains the right to, at any time and without liability, modify or temporarily or permanently cancel any tournament, with or without prior notice to the participants.

Tournament names, prize pools and real money prizes are subject to change. Kamil Bublis from the Slovak Republic is one IQ Option s VIP account holders and has willingly agreed to tell our traders his story of getting familiar with the broker. We hope this article will inspire you to develop diligence and only trust yourself while learning. 1 How did you come to trading binary options. I was looking for an extra income, but starting an online business seemed like a lot of hassle especially chasing sales and customers.

In this market the opportunities are there all the time to make money, it s just a question of learning, practicing and being able to take a trade when I have time and not when a customer wants to. 2 How did you find out about IQ Option. I have been reading about stock options when I found out about binary options so I wanted to try it and was searching for a reliable broker. Almost every broker has positive and negative reviews on forums so the only option to really know is to give it a try, that s where IQ Option has won with a minimum deposit of 10.

And withdrawal was easy too. 3 How was your start. I have started with forex and still trade it occasionally, but due to my time demanding job I was searching for something to provide me with fast trading opportunities. That s why I started with binary options. I was trying many indicators and always using one until I hit the losing streak only to replace it with another one later.

Until I started to learn price action and reading the charts and rely on myself instead of indicators. 4 What kept you going. What kept me going is the fact that it s possible and there are always opportunities in the market to take advantage of and to make money if I will learn how. there are always opportunities in the market. 5 How did your life change with trading. It gave me hope that with the controlled risk I can take control of my finances and not rely on paychecks only. And I also got into studying finance zoom iq option and understanding markets.

6 How do you spend the funds from your withdrawals. I have been trying to grow my trading accounts but lately I have found out it s better in my case if I withdraw the profits above a certain threshold and spend them on enjoying life now. 7 What can you advise to the new traders. I would advise against various courses and trading gurus and rather just to learn to read plain and simple chart which will help on any timeframe and also to write it s own trading plan with risk management.

8 Any feedback on IQ Option services. IQ Option platform is evolving quickly and they are always looking for ways to provide the trader with new ways of trading while maintaining the simple approach by limiting the loss and risk on any asset to a specific value which is very novice friendly and hard to find in this market. 9 Any particular experience you had while trading. I am using both demo account and real account and on the mobile application, if the user switches from demo to real account, the value set for the investment stays the same.

I trade more aggressively on the demo account and it happened to me few times that I have placed a larger order by mistake due to switching from demo to real account. But the trade has luckily always worked in my favor. Kamil Bublis did not want to share any photos with the broad public so the article has none, yet IQ Option confirms that the interview is of a real user and no data has been amended. Tell us whether you support Mr Bublis ideas in the comments.

Pretty good advice. I couldn t have said it any better. Very encouraging, especially to a beginner like me. No more, no less is necessary for any beginner. We wish you only successful deals on IQ Option. Since I replaced indicators for price action and chart reading I am getting better results, still on demo with every day a rate of 5win without lose or 1 lose. I now just waiting for the new year to start at the real account.

We will be happy if you tell us about your feelings after you start trading on your real account. Have a happy New Year and great trading. Is there account managers that can trade on your behalf. if so please assist me with account manager. Hello Pabalelo. We would like to tell you that we do not have account managers who would trade on your behalf.

You will have to trade for yourself. Also, never share your login details with anyone. People who promise you profit or signals are scammers, so please be aware. I want to invest money for trading in iq option. looking for a good trader whom do you recommend. com You will need to enter your email, create secure password, fill in personal information and you are good to go. com en tutorials These are very useful videos and we recommend to watch them carefully because they not only explain the way the trade is made on the platform but they also describe the technical analysis tools and strategies based on them.

Exclusive interview with IQ Option account manager Maged Zaki. VIP Manager Daria talks about how it all started. IQ Launch Tournament IQ Option. Here the 75 of the fees are added to the contest s prize money. Start trading in the contest with an initial capital of 100 in a special competition account with equal conditions for all participants. IQ Option s IQ Launch Tournament is designed for the traders to participate with entry fees.

IQ Launch Tournament. Joining Link Contest. Contest s Time. Start August 5, 2018 End August 11, 2018. Duration 1 Week. Offer is Applicable All Registered clients with a fee. Login Register for the tournaments Pay a Fee for the Contest. 75 of the fees added to the contest s prize pool. To win Achieve the highest profits in percentage. Prizes are Cash. 67 of the prize pool and the chance to participate in the Aston Martin Drive Day event 2nd prize 5.

51 of the prize pool 3rd prize 5. 18 of the prize pool 5th prize 5. 02 of the prize pool. 15th prize 3. 41 of the prize pool 16th prize 3. 25 of the prize pool 17th prize 3. 34 of the prize pool 4th prize 5. 09 of the prize pool 18th prize 2. 93 of the prize pool 19th prize 2. 73 of the prize pool 20th prize 2. 61 of the prize pool. 25th prize 1. 8 of the prize pool 26th prize 1. 64 of the prize pool 27th prize 1.

48 of the prize pool 28th prize 1. 32 of the prize pool 29th prize 1. 16 of the prize pool 30th prize 1. 05 of the prize pool. Terms and Conditions IQ Option Contest. Ask their support for all additional information. Regulated ASIC, FCA. King of the Hill Binary Contest Alpari. Touch Binaries Contest, 10,000 USD Dukascopy. Binary Option Contest 2018 DUKASCOPY. OLIMP Binary Options DEMO-CONTEST Olimp Finance. Win Prizes for FREE at Optiopus. aff 41926 afftrack Thailand.

178-07 00 Get Started Trading. 500-07 00 Get Started. 661-07 00 Tournament Copa IQ Option. 843-07 00 Start Trading. com video 292696169 frameborder 0 allowfullscreen iframe. 407-07 00 FX Options Thailand. การยืนยันตัวตนเป็นสิงสำคัญในการที่เราจะทำการเบิกถอนเงินที่เทรดได้จาก IQ Option. 474-07 00 Ultimate Trading. 625-07 00 How to deposit funds. 110-07 00 Ultimate Trading. 193-08 00 How to keep a position open even at 95 loss. com profile 03911935201982316777 noreply blogger.

128-08 00 Ultimate Trading. Binary Options Ultimate Trading. It has a nice interactive chart that shows the price to open a position and the growth rate for different currency pairs with a choice of the time period to show data for. The landing also has two dynamic blocks that update in real time a set of price movement profiles over 3 months for shares of leading companies, and statistics about IQ Option.

017-08 00 สร้างผลกำไรด้วย Pin Bar Candlestick ในการเทรดที่จะช่วยทำกำไรให้เราได้เราจำเป็นต้องฝึกการดู Pin Bar Candlestick. ให้ได้ก่อน ก็จะช่วยให้สร้างผลกำไรจากการเทรดได้อย่างมากมาย. 572-08 00 Make Money From Trades. You can use the menu at the top of the page to choose a trading instrument, language, or page on the IQ Option website IQ Option in Numbers, In the Press, and Awards, which each open in a new window. 186-08 00 Conversion rate Highest. 526-08 00 CFD. How to start from IQ Option. How to start from IQ Option CFD.

679-08 00 Ultimate Trading. 912-08 00 A Quick Overview of platform. 960-08 00 Trend lines. What is this Trend lines. 461-08 00 Feel the thrill of trading Forex A quick overview of platform and people reactions FB Forex,cfd,etf from IQ Option Official group. 041-07 00 Ultimate Trading. Binary Options Version 2. 847-07 00 Trading Platform. 242-07 00 Ultimate Trading. IQ Option best offer and innovation on the market. IQ Option binary option. 90 profit, 100 bonus IQ OPTION DOES NOT OFFER BONUSES ANYMOREquick deposit and withdrawal, free demo, low deposit, free tournaments.

IQ option offers the best trading conditions in binary option market. Highest profit EUR USD, free demo, quick deposit and withdrawal, free tournaments, low deposit, mobile platform. Ideal for beginners and professionals. IQ Option one of the most innovative brokers on the market. IQ Option Binary Options the best platform for beginners and professionals.

It is easy to start investing in binary options. Especially when using IQ Option the best platform on the market. The benefits are countless. IQ Option multi device innovative trading. It is perfect for beginners. totally free demo account no registration 90 profit in 60 seconds trading please compare IQ Option with others very low deposit minimum transaction is 1 only interactive education system IQ Option is providing market 24 7 even weekends trading very quick and easy deposits and withdrawals best terms on the market free tournaments with attractive prizes More than 70 of investment opportunities currency pairs, indices, stocks and commodities Google, Facebook, Microsoft, BP, DAX, Barclays, gold, silver, alibaba, FTSE, Amazon and many more.

IQ Option created a platform which gives all clients an easy and fun experience. Showcase of innovative trading. Regardless if you are just starting investing or you are professional. This solution give you an edge. Platform benefits on video. IQ Opion do not offer bonuses anymore to be compliant with new regulations. The Top 7 Miraculous StartUps from Y Combinator S 17 Demo Day 1. NOMO - Point and Shoot Apk. Fonts - Emojis Fonts Keyboard Apk.

LumaFusion - Pro Video Editing and effects Apk. Bone IPTV Player Apk. Zoom iq option LMS Apk. Evil Nun Scary Horror Game Adventure Apk. Siltanus Kota Palembang Apk. Google Drive Apk. Loe Kar HD Apk. Panda Game Booster - RAM CPU boost and GFX Apk. GB FACEBOOK Apk. BooleanTT - Many things with Boolean Algebra Apk. Nov 01, 2017 However, there is one very simple solution for binary options investor. Iq option binary tournment hack. There has been a lot of mention about how innovative the IQ iq option binary tournment hack Option trading platform and offering is.

Put your trades to copy the best Bin. re Optionen Und Forex Im Vergleich traders of the world and earn money without doing much work. 14 - Best Binary Option Forex email protected 250 80 Add to cart 68 OFF. Among its top tech advancements is the IQ Option mobile app Nov 09, 2018 I did a Google search to see if there are any complaints about IQ Option being a scam company and found this long complaint just recently posted to warn everyone about her bad experience with IQ Option.

It happens after Ministers in the UK now suspect that the pandemic. If you are new to binary options and differen. iq option binary tournment hack Aug 22, 2018 iq option free signal www. 9 iq option binary tournment hack million traders trade every day Their binary options pay up to 95 on successful trades, while their digital options offer return rates up to 900.

Since this broker belongs to my favorite brokers for binary options trading and also it belongs among the favorite brokers of our readers too, I decided to clarify this issue Binary options trading involves deciding whether the price of the underlying asset is going to increase or decrease. Here the 75 of the fees are added to the Get Bonus IQ Option Review Apr 22, 2020 The THIS software provides a full range of analytical tools, a convenient interface for working in the trading platform of the broker.

Dec 09, 2019 IQ Option Review Iq Option is the best trading platform we have found on the market. ly 2YFrNuP - Some Known Details About Iq Option Hack 2018 - RCGG Keep in mind. In IQ Option, it is possible to earn the highest amount of profit by investing a minimum amount I m very sorry to say, but you can t actually win in IQ Option. If you choose Put option you get profit if the closing price is lower than the opening price The Calculator option on the platform.

The only key to success in binary options trading is investing your money in some of iq option binary tournment hack the most reliable and legitimate binary. And when a trader signs up for a tournament, they will receive a new special tournament account with the name of the tournament they just joined and a fake account balance, which is the same for all tournament participants similar to the demo account balance Jul 18, 2018 Binary Options Tournaments.

In IQ Option, it iq option binary tournment hack is possible to earn the highest amount of profit by investing a minimum amount No, IQ Option does not accept traders from the USA. After activating it, you get 10,000 virtual dollars in the account Trade stocks, ETFs, forex Digital Options at IQ Option, one of the fastest growing online trading platforms.

It was founded by IQ Option Ltd in 2003 and since introduction, it soon came to be one of the fastest growing online trading platforms Fxxtool Master Prosignals IQ Option Binary Options - High Accuracy Signal Forex email protected 250 80 Add to cart 68 OFF. The IQ Option platform is available iq option binary tournment hack on the Web or through one of their trading apps Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

Previously, we reported on the tournaments IQ Option prepared for the start of the year. Among other IQ Option tournaments, in February 2020 you will have a chance to compete for 15,000, 20,000, and 50,000 prize pools in tournaments that last for 13 days, 16 days, and a month respectfully. Lucky Trade, Best Result, and February Run tournaments. For the start of the month, you have Lucky Trade and February Run both of which start at 00 00 UTC 03 on February 1.

Lucky Trade lasts for 16 days and lets you compete for a 20,000 prize pool in exchange for a 4 entry fee. February Run is a month-long tournament but has also a more than twice as big prize pool 50,000. As for the Best Result tournament, it can be interesting if you would like to spend more time trading for the second half of the month it starts on February 17 and lasts for 13 days, till the end of February. IQ Option February 2020 tournaments Lucky Trade, Best Result, and February Run.

IQ Option tournaments February 2020. Fortunately, February 2020 will not have only the tournaments that last for weeks. If you are new to IQ Option tournaments, here s a quick recap you compete with dozens of other traders for massive prizes that can go up to thousands of dollars. Everybody starts on equal terms and the goal of the tournament is to increase the tournament balance as much as possible, with traders having the largest balance becoming the winners that share the prize pool between them.

You can participate in several tournaments simultaneously in such a case you will have a different tournament balance for each of the tournaments. Some of the tournaments are free to join and others require a fee that s deducted from your real money balance. For the start of the year 2020, IQ Option has organized a handful of tournaments so you have plenty to choose from. These include weeks-long tournaments with massive 20,000 and 50,000 prize pools as well as a few shorter duration tournaments.

Let it Snow, New Beginning, and Winning Options tournaments. For those traders that prefer the long game, these three tournaments are a good choice. Both Let it Snow and New Beginning start along with the beginning of 2020 00 00 UTC 3 on January 1. New Beginning will last for the whole month, and the 30 lucky winners will share the total prize pool of 50,000. For a chance to compete for such a prize, the hefty 20 entry fee is required.

At the time of writing this article, more than 3,000 participants have already registered for the event. Let it Snow has a smaller but still impressive prize pool of 20,000 and requires a much smaller fee to enter 4. This tournament will last for 19 days. As for the last one, the Winning Options tournament will start on January 20 and will last for 12 days that makes it a good choice for end-of-month tournament trading. The prize pool is 15,000 and the entry fee is 4. Rebuys are supported in all three of the tournaments.

The number of rebuys is unlimited so you can get as many chances to score the prize as you can afford. IQ Option January 2020 tournaments Let it Snow, New Beginning, and Winning Options. IQ Option tournaments January 2020. Those who like shorter tournaments better can have their share as well throughout the month, there s a number of tournaments lasting for just a few days or even 24 hours. Unsurprisingly, these tournaments can t boast big prize pools as the tournaments we covered above but they make up for it by the fast action.

There s no need to wait for weeks and invest as much time to win these tournaments. A tournament with the shortest duration a day is called Salary in a Day and lets you compete for a part of the 3,000 prize for an entry fee of 4. For the weekends, IQ Option regularly holds Weekend Treat tournaments that require just 2 to enter and have a 1,500 prize pool.

The three-day tournament is neatly named 72 Hourshas a bigger prize pool of 5,000 and a 2 entry fee. IQ Option January 2020 tournaments Weekend Treat, 72 Hours, and Salary in a Day. The February tournaments have found their lucky winners, and it s time for new challenges. Just in time, IQ Option announced new tournaments for March 2020. As usual, the tournaments differ in duration, entry fees, and prize pools. The month of March starts with Call or Put tournament that s going to be held for two weeks, from March 1 to March 15, with a 4 entry fee and an impressive 20,000 prize pool.

For the second half of the month, there is another tournament called Big Win. It certainly lives up to its name competing with other traders over the course of 16 days gives you a chance to grab a piece of the 15,000 prize pool; the first three winners are getting 850. 50 and 801 for the first, second and third place in the leaderboard respectively. To get into the competition, you ll need to pay a 4 fee.

Lastly, for those who prefer more prolonged challenges, there is a Mad March tournament with equally mad prizes the top 30 participants that show the best trading skills will divide whopping 50,000 between them. However, the entry is not the smallest either 20. To start with, every participant will receive a tournament balance of 10,000. In a case of losing the balance, there is always a chance to get back to the initial balance value rebuys are available throughout the entire tournament, for the same 20 as the entry fee.

It s also worth noting that a part of the entry fees is transferred to the prize pool so it is possible to increase it even more. As it is, the best trader will take home 2,835, and even the last winner a top-30 trader will not feel disappointed with the 525 prize. IQ Option March 2020 tournaments Call or Put, Mad March, and Big Win.

IQ Option tournaments March 2020. Of course, these tournaments are not the only ones that will be held in March. There are also regular tournaments with smaller duration and entry fees ranging from 2 to 4 IQ LaunchSalary in a Day and Weekend Treat. The first one lasts for exactly a week naturally, there will be several such tournaments throughout Marchcost 4 to enter and can boast a 10,000 prize pool. Weekend Treat is a tournament that can not only get you through the weekend but also come out with 300 if you are skilled enough to become one of the five winners that split the 1,500 prize pool equally between them all that for mere 2 of the entry fee.

Salary in a Day is the most dynamic tournament that lasts for just 24 hours and has a 3,000 prize pool for nine best traders. The international intermediary IQ Option, which has lately grown into one of the leaders in the bidding field, lets you get monetary funds in various ways. Earning Power of IQ. The maximum profitability of IQ comes to 92 in the case of exact estimation. Every year the intermediary increases the real speed of payments to clients. Zoom iq option the highest possible yield on days off is up to 95.

Therefore, if you prefer to make several choices during days off, you will receive up to 95 of the profits, if properly predicted. Their software is really amazing. High payouts in tournaments. They also have a great opportunity. It is bidding tournaments, where you enter the tournament with other bidding agents. And it may be a certain period of time, when you have to actually increase your account in the most effective way. And then the top 15 winners will actually get some cash. Payments are made within 24 hours.

However, pay attention that you have all your ID cards under control. Otherwise, they simply will not let you withdraw your monetary funds until you have actually proven, who you are. So, this could be a government ID, a photo, maybe your last bill at your address. The intermediary does not suggest the ability of a client to work with multiple accounts.

You can return the monetary funds back to your bank card, or there is a faster solution at no additional charge at Skrill Wallet. Consequently, attempts to open multiple accounts are perceived by the broker s security team as an attempt at fraud. As a result, clients are unable to get monetary funds from any of the personal accounts. Best payment method with IQ Option. Skrill Wallet, from 12 to 24 hours. On workdays, in experience of many people, it is the excellent way, because the intermediary does not charge you any extra fees for input or output.

Not to mention the fact that a number of bidding agents try to earn on bonuses, not considering the fact that they significantly limit a trader s ability to bid. This is just a great intermediary, great interface producing very good returns. Moreover, the withdrawal is real in the case of any sum and is produced very quickly. Payments methods. Unlike many other organizations of this monetary market, payments from the intermediary are made not only according to the bank details of a client, funds can also be received through electronic payment service providers.

IQ Option Review 2020 Is it a Safe Broker. All Pros Cons. Since then, it has gained a considerable amount of popularity by providing a vast range of assets, including CFD, Forex, and a significant number of cryptocurrencies. IQ Option is headquartered in Cyprus and their official website is in several different languages English, Russian, Arabian, German, Turkish, and many more.

In the beginning, one of the main reasons behind this brokerage website s popularity was the facility to trade binary options with a very short amount of deposit. As binary options are known for their quick returns, the demand and acceptability of IQ Options escalated rapidly. With time, this website also included cryptocurrency trading with 15 very popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar Lumens, NEO, etc.

New investors from this country are joining these booming markets everyday making it one of the leading nations in both Forex and cryptocurrency trading. In recent times, Forex, options, and cryptocurrency trading has become tremendously popular among the traders of South Africa. Here, a few aspects of this brokerage website would be discussed for their convenience.

Therefore, it is quite natural that South African traders would be veritably interested in IQ Options as well. Minimum Deposit Real a c- 10, VIP a c- 1900 Maximum Leverage Stocks- x 10, Forex- x 500, Crypto- x 5 T Cs apply Maximum Return Up to 95 for Binary Options Tradable Assets Stocks- 433, Forex- 27 pairs, Crypto- 15 Regulated by CySEC IQ Option Europe Ltd, Cyprus.

IQ Option Ltd Seychelles is not regulated. Licence and Regulation. This highly popular website is available in more than 27 countries across the globe and everywhere it is licensed by major regulatory bodies. As IQ Option Europe Ltd is headquartered in Cyprus, the licence from CySEC Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission plays a major role in this website s credibility around the world.

CySEC is considered one of the most reliable regulatory bodies for their flawless and stringent system. Also, citizens of South Africa can actively participate in IQ Options trading as in this country IQ Option Ltd. is registered at Seychelles and is not regulated. Registration is very easy. Besides an easy registration form IQ Option allows registration via Facebook or Google accounts.

Once the age of the newly registered trader is verified, s he can begin trading right away on this website. IQ Option offers mainly three types of accounts for their non-European clients namely the demo or training account, regular or real account, and the VIP account. Each of these accounts comes with their own sui generis features. The demo account is strictly for the neophyte traders where they can learn about various aspects of Forex or cryptocurrency trading and were given 10,000 as virtual deposit.

In case of real accounts, the trader has to possess at least 10 as initial deposit and can trade over 70 various available assets according to their individual predilection. Although mainly inexperienced traders opt for the real accounts, experienced traders can also benefit from this account as they receive up to 30 return on their every deposit. VIP accounts are usually chosen by veteran traders as the amount required as minimum deposit is 1,900. VIP traders can have access over more than 100 different trading assets.

As for the regular accounts, the traders need to register following due process and providing age verification. VIP account holders also have their own personal managers. The website of IQ option is very much user-friendly and easily manoeuvrable. The traders signing up for both real and VIP accounts are given a wide array of different tradable assets. If we delve into IQ Option s trading conditions, we would find. Assets IQ option offers all three kinds of assets to the investors including Forex, Cryptocurrency, and Stocks.

They offer 27 currency pairs including EUR USD, GBP USD, USD CAD, etc. to the Forex traders while providing the leading 15 cryptocurrencies to the crypto-traders. For the investors interested in stock zoom iq option, they offer 433 different stocks from companies like Microsoft, Google, IBM, Apple, and many others. They offer 66 options for the option traders as well. Minimum Deposit The minimum deposit amount for all kinds of traders having a real account is 10 whereas the VIP account holders have to possess at least 1,900 as the initial trading deposit.

Negative Balance Protection and Spreads IQ Option also protects their traders from acquiring a negative balance during certain trading procedures. This website also offers tighter spreads and does not demand any commission form the investors. IQ Option offers two major trading instruments for their registered traders namely the binary option and digital option.

Binary Option In case of binary option, the payoff amount is fixed beforehand and is structured on the basis of the amount of indemnity the trader should receive if the trading expires. These options last for a very short period of time and offers considerable returns on investments. Digital Option The only difference of digital option for the binary option is that in this case the payoff amount can be manipulated by changing the strike price.

Digital option is also becoming very popular among the traders of South Africa for its flexibility. Assets 30 tradable assets from renowned organisations including Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, and many more. Maximum leverage x10 T Cs Apply Spreads Reasonable tighter spreads that might vary according to market condition. Assets Currency pairs including Euro, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Great Britain Pound, Japanese yen, Swiss Franc etc.

Maximum leverage x500 T Cs Apply Spreads Reasonable tighter spreads that might vary according to market condition. Assets 15 major cryptocurrencies consisting of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, IOTA, Zcash, Omisego, Tron, Stellar Lumens, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum Classic, Qtum etc. Maximum leverage x5 T Cs Apply Spreads Reasonable tighter spreads that might vary according to market condition. On the IQ Option trading platform, the leverage tool is termed as the multiplier.

Their development team is also about to implement other innovative options like ETF very soon. As for the cryptocurrency traders, this website offers Open Trading Network tokens or OTN tokens for buying real cryptocurrencies from legitimate currency exchanges. IQ Option depends on its own unique software zoom iq option unlike other websites and goes through frequent developmental updates for making further ameliorations.

They endeavour to offer a very user-friendly as well as accurate trading platform for their traders. along with operating systems like iOS, Android, and Windows. The trading platform is suitable for both inexperienced and veteran traders and is supported on browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. IQ Option arranges free weekly tournaments for non-EU traders from various financial markets. Despite the risk factor, these tournaments can be highly rewarding to the participants as the traders would get to take part on other paid tournaments absolutely free of cost upon winning.

IQ Option App and Download. Interested traders can easily download the IQ Option app form Google Play Store as well as Apple Store. As the trading platform of this brokerage website is supported by both iOS and Android, any Smartphone holder can use this ingenious application for trading various assets. In the brokerage website of IQ option, the traders can have a fast and accurate deposit and withdrawal system - even possible without paying any commission.

Options like credit cards, wire system, and eWallets are always available for conducting such procedures. IQ Option accepts a vast range of cards including Mastercards, VISA, Maestro, and eWallets. For eWallets, the withdrawal process usually takes one business day whereas for wire transfer it can take as long as 10 business days. Please note that there is 53 fee for withdrawals via bank transfer. So we recommend using eWallets. The demo account of IQ Options has been proven to be extremely effective for novice traders as it provides a significant number of useful trading tools such as currency charts for getting accustomed to the current trading methods.

The demo account holders are given 10,000 as virtual money for practising their trading prowess before opening a real or VIP account. IQ Option s education section is accessible to everyone and comes with several tutorials and trading tools like candlesticks charts to educate the newcomers with the nuances of Forex, CFD, or cryptocurrency trading. This website offers a 24x7 customer service to their clients and answers every possible query.

The traders can also email their personal queries and complaints to This email address is being protected from spambots. This website offers their customer support in multiple languages as well suitable for traders who are not well-versed in English. No, it is not, as IQ Option is regulated by renowned regulatory bodies like CySEC. The minimum deposit amount is 10, only for real account holders. However, for VIP account holders the amount is 1900. The withdrawal process can last from a few hours to 10 business days depending on the medium of transfer.

For eWallets it usually takes one business day. For countries like South Africa, where more traders are getting interested in foreign exchange or cryptocurrency trading every day, IQ Option offers a huge opportunity to be a part of the vast world of trading. The IQ Option trading platform is very user-friendly and can be manoeuvred by newcomer traders as well. It provides some unique features that make this website even more acceptable. Stop loss and take profit options High leverage for all kinds of assets including CFD, Forex, and Cryptocurrency.

Free of commission facility. Ergo, with so many advantages available, registering yourself to this website seems like an option worth choosing. IQ Option is one of the best quality platforms which is managed by the IQ option Europe Limited, and it is a financial services provider based in Cyprus. It is one of the forms which has been designated as the Cypriot investment firm. It comes under the jurisdiction of cySEC. Today, We re Going to do IQ Option Review Find out, Is it worth to trade on IQ Option or not.

Or is it just another scammy trading platform. This organization has been authorized to provide services which are financial to the clients which are from the European economic area, and the CIF license number which they have is 247 14. The launch date of this platform was 2013, and it has been growing a lot since that time. The minimum deposit which you have to process is the lowest when compared to other search platforms. You will be getting a free demo account along with the minimum deposit requirement at 10.

Online trading is now accessible to a wide range of people and therefore the growth. The instruments which this organization allows you to use our stocks, options, Forex, cryptocurrencies and a lot more. This Company has arrived a lot more than usual because of the fast growth and the reason for the rapid growth is the trust factor.

In August 2019, more than 50 million trading accounts were registered with this broker, and these traders make more than 1 million trades every day. The turnover of IQ Option is 25 million dollars per month. The main field in which IQ option works is of CFD brokers. Large companies like 500 or e toro are the competitors of this website.

IQ options are still well known even with this tedious competition. There are several platforms if you want to opt for binary trading. Most of the instruments which are available inside the application can be used to trade from around the world. Still, the clients who are from the European economic area can only use the trade fx options which are similar to other types of trading due to the latest regulations which have been updated.

So you might want to know whether this application is safe and secure. All the answers which you want to get are provided below in the review which we have detailed below. Not only the main thing, but there are also other things with this platform will offer such as training emails which help you succeed with binary options trading and in case you are new to reading, you will be able to find out about hedging, rollover and a lot of other things.

All of the emails which are sent to you are interesting, but if you are already familiar with what you are doing, then you might find them a little spammy. Security is one of the main issues which we face when we are doing online trading. Brokers coma stock exchanges and other intermediaries which are a part of trading mustn t get scammed.

The thing is when you are using the internet, you are more likely to run into fraudulent companies rather than trusted, and this is the main issue which you might Run into and want to choose another option. The thing is, IQ option has been tested thoroughly, and there are hundreds of thousands of transactions which are made in it, which again verifies that this platform is not a scam. We know that every one of you wants your money to be safe and wants your data to be reliable and therefore, we have thoroughly tested the system.

Every trader has a different approach to what the word secure means and we will try to answer every procedure for you, and in case you did not find an answer which is suitable to you, make sure to ask questions. IQ option is supervised by many supervisors in many sub countries, and therefore it has a lot of trusts. IQ Option is a regulated broker who is licensed to provide investment products. The license which has been mentioned above is not easy to get in, and if a broker who already has this license is to be judged, it is sure that just license will show a sign of quality.

All of the terms which are here will be applied to the plant funds, business products, marketing restrictions. You will be able to read all the regulations of the CySec on the official website. Also, there are a lot of problems which we experience. We have made more than ten deposits do this broker using credit cards, Bank transfers, skill transfers, and almost 50 withdrawals.

Withdrawals are usually processed immediately. This is in case you are using a credit card or internet wallet. Other kinds of withdrawals are processed within 24 hours if it is a business day. If you have any kind of question, you can use the email to email the support team, and you will get a reply as soon as possible. If you have already registered and account on IQ options, then the support takes the form of an online chat and will be able to respond within seconds to you.

We have already tried asking about five different things. So what is it that IQ Option platform offers. This is one of the most comprehensive and innovative platforms that a wide range of markets for traders and a wide range of trading instruments as well. You will be able to trade using binary options, digital options, FX options, stocks, Forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, and ETFs at the IQ option software.

If you check right now, there are 188 companies with table shares via contracts. Some of the largest companies are included such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple and a lot more. There are more than eight cryptocurrencies which are available on offer. You will be able to get access to Bitcoin, litecoin, Ripple, Etherum and there are also smaller cryptocurrencies such as Tron, EOS, Zcash. They are more than safe to invest in when you compare them to 2000 type of Investments.

Forex is trading in foreign currencies, and this kind of trading is trendy on the software which you will use, and it is popular in general as well. There are more than 20 exchange-traded funds available on offer. You will be able to trade more than 74 currency pairs. Commodity training has become a lot more popular than it was in the past years, and therefore, it is also a part of this broker platform.

In general, you will be able to trade up 25 commodities at the IQ option platform. This offer includes gold, silver, WTI, Brent, Platinum. There is a comprehensive view of a particular market segment which is provided by the commodities are Indices for stock indices. They both are a real reliable indicator of how the whole market is currently doing. For now, IQ option that one is providing ten stock indices. Similar to a lot of other brokers, the IQ option platform also provides a demo account which you can use to try trading with a broker, and this is for sure an advantage for anyone.

The speciality and the uniqueness of this software that they provide you with a platform which is entirely free as well as unlimited so that you will be able to use the free account as much as you want and then decide on the fact if you wish to go for a paid one or not. You do not need to fill any personal information if you re going to open up a personal account and it is not limited in time. You will be able to get 10000 in virtual money, and you will be able to try all the available instruments which are provided by them.

The virtual money is not real money and cannot be used in real life. If in case you run out of the virtual credit funds, all you have to do is click to apply for new funds, and you will be able to get them within time and practice in that account once it is filled. The demo account is was giving a try and id. me no coincidence that what made this software platform famous is that people set up a demo account and the short sign up process was the best.

Steps to open a free demo account in IQ option in 2020. Fetching a demo account is quite easy, and unlike other brokers, all you have to do is a quick registration. You do not need to provide personal information while registering, and it will only take a few seconds or a minute at the most if you try to register. Once you have created your account, you will be credited with 1000 virtual currency which you will be using to trade and test the platform so that you can figure out the particular trading pattern which you look forward to.

The first step is to open up an account. Click the link here to go to the designated page. Now, all you will need to do is fill in the two white boxes. I have to enter your email address in the first and the second box will require a password which you will need to remember to log in. Press the enter key or click on the button which is used to confirm labelled open an account free. You will be redirected to the platform for your trading activities. While it is loading, open up a new tab or new window and check your email.

Make sure to wait because it will take some time to load. You will receive a confirmation link which you will need to visit to verify your account. The second step is to check the risk disclosure. Once you are done with opening up your account on the trading activity platform, it is a mandatory step that you confirm if you agree with the risks which are involved in the trading options and the fact that binary options trading cannot guarantee a profit.

We are only using a demo account, so we do not need to worry about these problems. All you need to do is click on the button which says I have read and understood the rest. The next thing you have to do is click on the start trading button. The third step is to select a demo account. There will be a window which will pop up on your screen, and you will need to choose between the two accounts.



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